On a weekly basis we get phone calls about brick paver front porch steps that are failing. Weather it is brick pavers glued to an old concrete front porch or steps or retaining wall blocks that wer not properly installed and are settling that are causing the pavers on top to pop off.

Either way it is a hazard to friends family and strangers that approach your front door. A hidden tripping hazard that catches visitors unexpectedly. Paver Protector Inc. has solutions to fix any failing front step or porch brick pavers.
It might be as easy as removing the pavers that have popped off and reglueing. The adhesive used for concrete pavers lasts a long time but in some conditions not as long. On concrete front porches that have pavers glued the adhesive typically fails quicker because the concrete step holds moisture from rain, watering and humidity. This weakens the adhesive. This moisture also freezes in the winter and expands which will pop pavers off of a porch.

On some front steps we completely remove the porch and steps and build from scratch. This is best when the concrete below the pavers is weak, crumbling and brittle. No amount of adhesive will hold pavers on concrete in this condition. This is an involved process since breaking apart and removing the old concrete is required prior to installing new segmental retaining wall blocks to build up a front porch and steps. 
Some porches we can remove part of the steps like we did on this project below. The lower step was glued to a concrete step that was crumbling. The Paver Protector crew removed the original pavers and then cut apart the concrete step and used a jack hammer breaker to remove the old step. We then compacted the ground below and installed an 8" compacted gravel base as a foundation for the retaining wall blocks to sit on. In the first picture you can see the top row of wall blocks below the pavers. Paver Protector also extended this step out about a foot to give more area for visitors to step down.

In the below picture you can see that using retianing wall block Paver Protector was able to use a good amount of adhesive to attach the pavers to and we also limited the amount of overhang to prevent pavers from popping off when people step on the edge in the future.

If you have loose pavers or a front step or front porch that is settling or a hazard give Paver Protector a call at 630-488-0069 or email us at Info@PaverProtector.com Paver Protector Serves the following areas of Northern Illinois- Barrington, Inverness, Palatine, Schaumburg, Bartlett, Elgin, Dundee, South Elgin, Algonquin, Lake in The Hills, Crystal Lake, Huntley, Hampshire, Pingree Grove, Elburn, Burlington, St. Charles, Wasco, Geneva, West Chicago, Sycamore, Dekalb, Batavia, North Aurora, and other surrounding areas.

Paver Protector specializes in brick paver cleaning and sealing but we also do a lot of concrete cleaning and sealing as well. Brick pavers are made mostly of concrete, so the cleaning methods used to clean pavers is very similar on concrete.

Paver Protector cleans concrete that is dirty, moldy and stained by using special power washing equipment. Our concrete cleaning process will not ruin the top coat or cream coat of your concrete patio or sidewalk like most pressure washing equipment will do. The methods we use eliminate the typical power washer wand mark or lines as well. No  matter how dirty your concrete is Paver Protector can get it looking like new again.

And once the concrete is cleaned, it only makes sense to seal the concrete to prevent the same mold and moss from growing again in the future. Our concrete sealers provide a long lasting water repellant that does not alter the appearance or the texture of your concrete.
Below are some are few concrete surfaces that Paver Protector Cleaned and Sealed.

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning
dirty concrete patio cleaned by Paver Protector Inc

Before Cleaning
dirty concrete sidewalk cleaned by Paver Protector Inc

After Cleaning
dirty concrete sidewalk cleaned by Paver Protector

Before Cleaning
dirty concrete sidewalk cleaned by Paver Protector

After Cleaning & Sealing Concrete
dirty concrete sidewalk cleaned by Paver Protector

This shows the concrete sidewalk that we cleaned next to the neighbors dirty sidewalk. What a difference!
dirty concrete sidewalk cleaned by Paver Protector

TO have Paver Protector Clean & Seal your concrete driveway, patio, sidewalk or parking lot call us at 630-488-0069 or email us at Info@PaverProtector.com Paver Protector serves the following communities St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, Aurora, Wayne, Wasco, Elburn, Elgin, South Elgin, Bartlett, Hampshire, Huntley, Woodstock, Sycamore, Dekalb, Algonquin, Lake in the Hills, Crystal Lake, Barrington, Inverness, Palatine, Schaumburg, Dundee and nearby areas.

For over 30 years, Surebond sealers and cleaners have been maintaining and protecting the most demanding hardscape installations. Surebond has been a leader in innovative sealer products, including introducing the industry to the "joint stabilizing sealer".

Surebond's certified applicator program insures that those who are applying cleaners and sealers to brick pavers and hardscapes are qualified to do so through training in the classroom and hands on applications. All Surebond Certified Applicators are required to pass an exam on the proper use of their products and hardscape cleaning and sealing in general.

Paver Protector Inc., a Gilberts, IL based brick paver maintenance provider recently had 2 employees go through the Surebond's Certified Applicator program. The certificates are below.

Paver Protector takes hardscape maintenance and installation seriously and is at the forefront of this industry. We feel that education in our field is part of what makes us the best at what we do. In the communities served, the Paver Protector team has the most experience as well as the most education in hardscape maintenance.

Paver Protector Inc. is also a Techniseal certified applciator and also holds certificates and recognition from industry associations like ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institue) certified brick paver installers, NCMA (National Concrete Masonry Assocation) Certified segmental retaining wall installers, are graduates from SASP (School for Advanced Segmental Paving) among others.

Paver Protector Provides, cleaning, joint resanding, sealing and repairs to brick pavers and hardscape in the following areas- Barrington, Inverness, St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, Aurora, Wasco, Elburn, Wayne, Bartlett, Gilberts, Huntley, Hampshire, Elgin, South Elgin, Dundee, Schaumburg, Palatine, Algonquin, Lake in the Hills, Crystal Lake and surrounding communities. Call Paver Protector at 630-488-0069 or email at info@PaverProtector.com for a free hardscape evaluation.

This Barrington home had 2 clay brick paver walkways and a brick patio that had been installed for aout 10 years. They were all in pretty bad shape when Paver Protector showed up to assess what needed to be done.
It was clear that not only the plastic edging had failed to hold the brick pavers in place but that the base was improperly installed. This led to the walkways and patio settling lower in spots than others and the sides just kind of fell away leaving a crowned walkway with joints that had spread open as much as an inch in some spots. While this hardscape was pretty bad, it was no where near the worst the Paver Protector has repaired.

In the below picture you can see up close to the step that the walkway had dropped about 2" from the height it was originally at. You can also see the joints spreading and the sides falling away.

failing brick paver walkway in barrington settled repairs

You see a lot of the same in this photo along with the weeds that take advantage of the joints opening up. It gives them a great place to set roots. You ca also see how wobbly the paver walkway is.

failing brick paver walkway in barrington settled repairs

In this Brick Paver Patio picture you can see the low spot on the right side of the house where water collects. The pitch of this patio back towards the house actually flooded the basement multiple times. A drain placed properly will bring the water away from the patio.

failing brick paver patio in barrington settled repairs

This picture shows one of Paver Protector's crew members adding gravel and compacted up close to the step with a hand tamper. Our first step was to compact the base that was already in place and then we added gravel to the rest of the paver walkway and compacted in 2" lifts with a vibratory plate compactor. Next Paver Protector screeded new sand for the brick pavers to sit on. We then replaced all of the existing pavers, yes, it's like a big puzzle followed by compacting the pavers in order to set them into the sand and to have a nice flat, solid brick paver walkway.

Paver Protector crew repairing a failed settling brick paver walkway in barrington

Once all of the pavers were properly placed we installed a poured concrete paver edge restraint since the walkways were surrounded by mulch beds and were raised higher than the ground level. This concrete edging will hold the pavers tightly together for years to come and eliminates the need for unsightly plastic edging.

This Barrington homeowner also had the Paver Protector crew clean, install polymeric sand and seal the clay brick pavers to prevent weeds, moss and mold from taking over the brick pavers.

If you live in the Barrington or Inverness areas and would like to have paver Protector come out to assess your brick paver walkway or patio repairs, cleaning or sealing please call 630-488-0069 or email us at info@PaverProtector.com We provide free assesments and quotes with no obligations or pressure. Paver Protector also serves the Northern Illinois communities of St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, Wasco, Elburn, Wayne, Bartlett, Schaumburg, Elgin, South Elgin, Hampshire, Huntley, Algonquin, Crystal Lake, Lake In The Hills, Palatine and other nearby cities.

What is the black plastic strip along my pavers? That plastic strip is called paver edging or paver edge restraint. This should be installed along every paver surface that doesn't but up against a house or concrete or any other fixed object.

Why do I need paver edging? Paver edging is designed to hold the paver system together by not allowing outward shiftments of the pavers. As you walk across the pavers or as cars drive across pavers they want to spread and the edging holds them tightly together maintaining a solid pavement. Without edging your pavement will spread and the structural integrity will be comprised. It's not a matter of if but when.

Why can I see the edging? Edging is degined to be shorter then the paver so that it is not seen. If your edging is showing there are 2 reasons for it. the first is that the paver system is higher then surrounding areas and these areas were not backfilled. If the edge restraint is still below the top of the pavers then this problem is easily fixed by backfilling with dirt or mulch.

The other reason edging shows is when it rises above the surface of the brick pavers. The reason for this is frost heaving. The edging is held in the ground by driving 10 or 12" steel spikes through holes in the edgin just big enough to fit the spike. Every winter when the ground freezes and thaws these spikes get squeazed up and out of the ground just a little bit. Repeat the process over a few years and often times the spikes rise up to a few inches bringing the plastic edging along with it. The main areas you will notice this is in mulch beds. There is not enough weight or any roots systems to help hold down the edging. In grassy areas the edging will stay in place longer but can rise up.

Brick Paver edging repairs showing Paver Protector

Do I need to fix edging that is above my pavers? Yes, for a few reasons. If the edging rises high enough above the pavers it will not be holding the brick pavers in place and spreading can occur. If the edging starts flexing out you can also notice the paver joints opening up which will cause sand loss and weeds/moss starting to grow.

Another reason to fix rising edging is for liability issues. It is easy to trip or stumble over anything that is higher than the surface of the pavers. And the last reason, usually the one that people call us for is the overall bad look of edging that is showing.  To have a black plastic piece showing along pavers can ruin the overall appearance of you investment in a brick paver patio or walkway. Your eye is always drawn to what looks out of place and here that would be the edging poking its head over the bricks.

How can rising edging be fixed? There are a couple methods that Paver Protector uses to fix brick paver edging. The first is to remove the current edging and install new edging. Old edging is not reusable as spikes will be rusted and stuck in the edging which does not allow for proper installation.
Paver Protector removes the old edging, digs deeper along side the brick pavers and installs new edging at the correct height. We take a few installation measures that will delay the edging from rising as quickly.

Another method of edge restraint that Paver Protector uses is pouring a concrete edge to brace the pavers. This route often holds stronger and lasts much longer than plastic edging, especially in mulched areas.

How do I hire Paver Protector to fix my edging? Thats the easy part, just call us at 630-488-0069 or email at Info@PaverProtector.com Paver Protector serves the following communities and those neighboring these. Barrington, Inverness, Schaumburg, Crystal Lake, Algonquin, Lake In The Hills, Woodstock, Huntely, Hampshire, Dundee, Sleepy Hollow, Elgin, South Elgin, Bartlett, Wayne, St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, Elburn, Wasco, Saint Charles, Del Web Huntley, the Fox Valley and nearby areas.

Paver Protector was called in to clean the moss, mold and old joint sand out of the brick paver patio, walkways and driveway at this Geneva, IL residence. We were also contracted to install new joint sand and to seal with wet look brick paver sealer. Power washing of the moldy retaining wall was also part of this job. Since we have a few photos of this work I'll keep the words minimal and let the pictures speak for themselves.

Paver Protector power washing a moldy retaining wall

 Moldy brick patio and wall cleaned by paver protector in geneva, il

Brick Paver Cleaning and Sealing by Paver Protector in Geneva, IL

Brick Paver Cleaning and Sealing by Paver Protector in Geneva, IL

Brick Paver Cleaning and Sealing by Paver Protector in Geneva, IL

Brick Paver Cleaning and Sealing by Paver Protector in Geneva, IL

Brick Paver Cleaning and Sealing by Paver Protector in Geneva, IL

Brick Paver Cleaning and Sealing by Paver Protector in Geneva, IL

For Brick Paver patio, walkway or driveway cleaning joint sand installation or sealing call Paver Protector at 630-488-0069 or email us info@PaverProtector.com PAver Protector Services msot of Northern Illinois including Geneva, St. Charles, Batavia, South Elgin, Wasco, Wayne, the Fox Valley, Barrington, Schuamburg, Inverness, Huntley, Del Web, Hampshire and the surrounding communities.

Moldy and dirty bluestone natural walkway/patio

This Barrington, IL Blustone walkway and patio that had been down for 7 years became dirty and covered in mold as most natural stone patios do. The porous natural stone takes on and holds moisture creating a great environment for mold and moss to start growing and giving dirt all kinds of nooks and crannies to collect in.

Paver Protector was hired to Clean and Seal this Bluestone walkway. By using the correct combination of power washing equipment and mild detergents we were able to remove all of the mold, moss and dirt from the soft blustone without damaging the stone or the surrounding flowers, shrubs and grass. The result is a bluestone patio and walkway that look like new.

After Cleaning & Sealing

To prevent mold from growing as soon in the future, Paver Protector also Sealed the Bluestone Patio with a natural looking water repellant sealer to prevent the bluestone from retaining water and stains.
Before Cleaning

After Cleaning & Sealing

If you have bluestone or other natural stone surface such as flagstone or limestone, please call Paver Protector at 630-488-0069 to get a free quote on cleaning and sealing bluestone. Paver Protector services the towns of and surrounding Barrington, Inverness, Dundee, Huntley, Hampshire, Elburn, Wasco, St. Charles, South Elgin, Elgin, Geneva, Batavia, Bartlett, Schaumburg, West Chicago and more.

Will sealing make my brick paver driveway, walkway or patio slippery?


We get this question from almost every homeowner that we meet with. The answer is dependant on what type of sealer is used on your brick pavers and what type of brick pavers you have. There are some sealers that make brick pavers extremely slippery in wet conditions and there are others that do not change the texture of the paver at all.


The sealers that we use at Paver Protector DO NOT make brick pavers very slippery. A sealed asphalt driveway is much slicker than brick pavers sealed by Paver Protector. On most brick pavers you cannot feel the difference between sealed and unsealed brick pavers. On some newer more dense pavers you will notice a slight change but it is nothing that will cause slip and fall conditions.


The acrylic in our sealers is so fine that it fills the pores of the pavers as opposed to sitting on top of the pavers which would make sealed pavers slippery. Acrylic in cheaper sealers found at big box stores is not as fine and will create a slippery surface since it all sits on top of the pavers making them glossy and in turn slick in wet weather. The cheaper the sealer, usually the more slippery you can expect it to be.


We get a lot of requests to strip these cheap sealers from brick pavers not only because they are slippery but also due to premature failure and white hazing. In this case you do get what you pay for.


When Paver Protector comes to your home to provide an estimate and more information about sealing brick pavers, we will shw you a sample of a brick half sealed and half unsealed. So you can feel it for yourself. The sealed side has nearly as much traction as the unsealed side. You will be able to see and feel the sealed brick paver to make the decision for yourself.


For more information on sealing your brick paver driveway, walkway or patio please call 630-488-0069 or email Info@PaverProtector.com Paver Protector services much of Northern Illinois including St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, West Chicago, Elgin, South Elgin, Bartlett, Wayne, Barrington, Inverness, Schaumburg, Crystal Lake, Algonquin, Cary, Nutley, Hampshire, Woodstock and surrounding communities.  

This Unilock brick paver patio in Huntley, IL had been previously sealed and looked good expect for the fact that a landscaper tried to install polymeric sand and left a whitish haze on the surface of the brick pavers.

Paver Protector Inc. was called in to clean and powerwash the paver patio to remove the white haze and failing polymeric sand, install new polymeric sand and reseal the brick paver patio.

Although the before pictures did not turn out due to rain and weather conditions, the below pics after Paver Protector sealed this Huntley brick patio show how great the patio turned out. The Homeowners were very excited to see that there patio was restored and that the white haze was not permanant.

The below photo shows the patio being sealed. The ledt side has a wet look sealer and the right remains unsealed.

Before and After Brick Paver Sealing In Illinois. Wet look sealer

Below show the brick paver walkway after being sealed with a wet look brick sealer.

Unilock walkway after being sealed with wet look sealer by Paver Protector Inc.

Below shows the Unilock brick paver patio after being sealed with wet look sealer. Since it is still wet some spots still appearshiny, which will go away.

Unilock brick paver patio after being sealed with wet look sealer by Paver Protector Inc.

To have you brick paver patio or walkway in Huntley, IL or the surrounding areas cleaned, joint sand installed, sealed or repaired, call Paver Protector Inc. at 630-488-0069 or email us at Info@PaverProtector.com

This is one of the commercial projects that Paver Protector has completed in Dundee, IL. The brick pavers at the outside area of Banditio Barney's we're covered in Gum, grease stains from food, spills from drinks, citronella candle wax and mold/moss.

Dirty Brick pAvers at a bar in Dundee, IL

Paver Protector powerwashed the brick paver patio with hot water and used cleaning agents to remove the stains.

The sealer used for this patio was a solvent based wet look sealer that really brought out the colors of the pavers and will protect the brick pavers from soaking up future spills. The sealed surface will also be much easier for the staff at Bandito Barney's to clean. Brick Paver Sealer prevents pavers from absorbing stains, both liquid and solid.
Brick PAver PAtio Sealed with Wet Look Sealer

The Sealer that Paver Protector uses drys quickly so this business was able to return use to the patio within 24 hours.

Brick Patio at bar in Dundee, IL sealed

To have your brick paver patio in Dundee or the surrounding areas cleaned  and sealed please call Paver Protector at 630-488-0069 or email info@paverprotector.com

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