The question is often asked, can I use ice melt rock salt on my brick paver driveway or walkway?
The answer to that question at Paver Protector is no. It may be different from other hardscape specialists but we have seen plenty of danaged driveways that resulted from salt use.

Concrete brick pavers are much denser and have a higher PSI and lower absorbtion rate than poured concrete which does mean it will hold up to salt much longer than a concrete driveway or sidewalk but with time, repeated applications and low spots, brick pavers will fail to rock salt use.

Rock salt holds moisture and when it seeps into the pores of the brick pavers and eventually freezes again it expands by 9% and this is what causes pop marks and the top layer of concrete to crack off. If you are in town or community that uses rock salt on roadways than your driveway will be exposed to salt as it drips from your car and from the excess that salt spreaders throw onto the end of your driveway. This is usually where we see the most damage because the townships use a lot of salt and put it down often. Also, water typically pools at the end of driveways causeing all the salt run off to sit here. When a brick driveway is sealed it will absorb far less moisture which will give it a longer life when salt is present, but we still advise against the use of salt.

The good news is there are alternatives to rock salt to melt ice and eliminate slippery conditions. Magensium Chloride is an ice melter that when used properly will not danage concrete brick pavers or surrounding landscapes. It is expensive compared to rock salt but well worth the cost. Another option is to use play sand on icy areas. This will give additional traction and lasts a long time unlike deicers. At the end of the season it can be swept up or blown into the surrounding grass where it will combine with the soil for an easy cleanup. The best cure for ice is prevention. When it first snows, avoid driving over the snow until you have shoveled or plowed. Clear snow as quick as possible to avoid it from melting down and forming ice. Be sure to check out out blog on is it ok to snow plow my brick paver driveway?

Check out these pictures of salt damaged driveways.
Driveway damaged by rock salt brick pavers

Brick Pavers Driveway Damaged by Rock Salt

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